Our Fleet

“Betty Lou” (Pearson Ensign)

This classic Alberg design is a comfortable day sailer with a large cockpit. The Ensign is 22 and 1/2 feet long (LOA) with a draft of 3 feet. At an above average weight for its size, and with its nearly full keel, the Ensign is a “forgiving” vessel for newer sailors while allowing more experienced sailors the opportunity to sail safely in heavier winds and seas.


“Snappy” (Sonar)

Designed by Bruce Kirby, creator of the popular Laser, the Sonar’s large open cockpit makes it a great instructional boat. The Sonar is 23 feet long (LOA) with a draft of just under 4 feet. It’s light weight and fin keel make it a responsive vessel even on light wind days while offering the more experienced sailor a chance for speed.

*Please note that students do not select their vessel. The sailboat used for your sailing lesson will be determined by SOUL Sailing.

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